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The Billion App : Use Billion Apps In One Phone.

Can you use billion apps in one phone? Yes! You can do it with The Billion App.

Yes! You read the right. With the help of The Billion App, now you can use billion apps in one phone.

The concept of The Billion App is very simple and easy to understand. What happen when you install any android app? As Example: If you have app with 10MB app size then you can install only 100 apps in your phone with 1GB storage. It may be possible that your phone hang on installing 100 apps. So how The Billion App can helpful to use billion apps in one phone?

Instead of installing entire app The Billion App will store only the URL of the apps website and redirect you to that website with just one click. As Example If we have URL stored in Database with size of 1 Byte, and then we can store and use 1000000000 Apps in your phone with 1GB storage. Thus with the help of The Billion App we can use 1000x (Thousand times more) apps in the phone.

It’s really easy to use The Billion App, you can add any website as app or if you don’t know any URL of apps then you can use built in Import Sample Websites, so you can get the list of website for each category.

The Billion App makes your phone happy, with less storage consumption, less memory consumption, less battery consumption and data consumption.

If you really want to use billion apps in one phone then install The Billion App today and also share with your friends and family to make something new possibility with your phone. Don’t forget to give your honest review on The Billion App, so everyone can better understand it.

Thank You.