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Gati Browser: Fast, Secure, Private, with Privacy.

Meet the top privacy browser of 2018, with Simplicity, Security & Privacy.

It’s really amazing to explore new ideas , new vision , learn something new and experience it, but what about your privacy when you surf over internet ?

Sometime we see that some ads shown on any webpage is one of our interest, or about what we surf at last time. This all is happen because of some tracking sites that track you online, what you surf for, what you clicked and also many things.

One of the solution is we use any search engine or search provider that does not track you , but what about your favorite search engine or search provider , so how we can stop trackers from being tracked while surfing our internet ?

That’s why the Gati Browser is comes on the market. Gati Browser is web browser same as other browser, but it provides the incredible functionalities to stop trackers, make browsing without history and cleaning all data on exit. It also has strict content blocker which blocks contents which unsecure or contains ads.

Gati Browser is designed to be making web browsing simpler, with more security and with lots of privacy without leaving your favorite search engine or search provider.

Key features of Gati Browser:

- Simple , Fastest and Secure.

- Small app size.

- Manage new tab and all tab automatically.

- No history.

-  No trackers.

-  No ads.

-  Always send DNT (Do Not Track).

-  No suggestion.

-  Powerful content blocker.

-  Powerful navigation.

-  No direct file access.

-  No location access.

-  Multiple search provider.

-  Desktop view.

-  Full screen.

-  Block image.

-  Dim light.

-  Popup blocker.

-  Support 22 languages.

-  Support any external download manager.

-  All data clear on exit.


Gati Browser gives privacy in following way:

-  It never store your history.

-  Store no data, all data cleared on exit.

-  Always send DNT (Do Not Track) request.

-  Block tracking ads.

-  Block invisible trackers.

-  Blocking with content blocker.

-  Never try to direct download anything from web.

-  Require No Dangerous permissions that can give the app access to the user's confidential data.

-  Require Only Normal permissions like, Access Internet.

Gati Browser provides security in following way:

-  Show SSL Error.

-  Block reflected XSS.

-  Block location spoofing.

-  Block JSON hijacking.

-  Block XSS in CSS.

-  Block cross-origin CSS attacks.

-  Content Security Policy.

-  Cross Origin Resource Sharing.

-  Block visited link sniffing.


Gati Browser support following languages:

-  Arabic

-  Bangla

-  Chinese (Simplified)

-  English

-  German

-  Gujarati

-  Hindi

-  Italian

-  Japanese

-  Javanese

-  Korean

-  Marathi

-  Portuguese (Portugal)

-  Punjabi

-  Punjabi

-  Russian

-  Spanish

-  Tamil

-  Telugu

-  Turkish

-  Urdu

-  Vietnamese



If you need really simple browser with the best security, privacy and ads blocking than Gati Browser is top browser for you.


Let’s make web not look at you with Gati Browser today.


Support Gati Browser with just click on Love It from the Menu in Gati Browser.

Get Gati Browser today from Google Play Store :


Thank You.