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Steed Browser : Fast , Offline , With Ad Blocker , Made in India

                       On date 26-10-2017 sdm Apps introduce the new version of Steed Browser name as Steed Browser 8 , this updated version make focus on the simple user interface. Make Offline browsing more simple , new QR Scanner , new Ad Blocker , Supporting Full Screen  and also many more things are changed to give the best performance and best quality.

Steed Browser is the unique Indian made browser , which support offline browsing.

Steed Browser is browser that is Made in India , which is design with the simple user interface , with low memory storage usage and give maximum browsing speed to the user.

With the help of offline browsing you can browse websites even internet go ,  you can visit webpages without internet which you visited before , when internet connection is available.

All Webpages will automatically available as offline , you can visit this webpages without internet by simply click on Offline Browsing from menu.

Steed Browser have new Ad Blocker , which block ads from webpages , so you can only focus on want you want.

Steed Browser is Indian Made Browser so it also support Hindi Language.

Features available In Steed Browser 8

- Simple User Interface.
- Ad Blocker.
- Offline Browsing.
- Offline Suggestion.
- Offline QR Scanner
- Ultra Fast Speed.
- Support Full Screen
- Multiple Tab.
- Bookmarks.
- URL Sharing.
- Desktop View.
- No History Mode Available.
- No Download Mode Available.
- Twilight Mode Available For Use In Low Light or At Night.
- Multiple Search providers (Search engines) available.
- support Hindi Language.

Meet the new browser , new speed , new features and new experience today.

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