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Terms and Conditions

This file contains Terms and Conditions information which only apply for this app with name ‘Feku’ and with package name ‘sdm.apps.feku’.

sdm Apps built Feku app as a Free app. This SERVICE/APP is provided by sdm Apps at no cost and is intended for use as is without any warranty and without any guarantee.

Feku app is work based on it's algorithm to find the fake news , but it may not accurate at all time , here we declare that Feku app may not show accurate results all time , it may very or different based on the given input news by the user and also based on how it's algorithm can perform task. So here we clearly declare that the result obtain by feku news to test the news is fake or real it may not be accurate all time. So to take decision the news is fake or real use your own experience , thinking and what you believe.

For any sensitive news , we clearly declare don't just use result given by the feku app , but also find information from other trusted sources. We not recommend feku app for any sensitive news.

The main aim of feku app is to detect the fake news , it's algorithm work to spot only fake news , so it may sow result 'This is closer to real news' or 'This news is real' for any other news that's are not defined as fake news. 

We again clearly declare that spot or detecting fake news is not easy task , and that's why feku app may not be work accurate all the time. 

By using  feku app you are agree to this Terms and Conditions and app Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this Terms and Conditions, do not hesitate to contact.

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